Almost 90% of B2B buyers go for whitepapers, webinars or case studies before reaching out to a vendor. By using content syndication model, one can syndicate the buyer’s content smartly across the largest B2B network. We assure you that our team is well trained to republish the web-based content in the popular domain websites that will enable you to promote your content among diversified network of audience which can be followed up and nurtured to a potential buyer.

Features of Content Syndication

  • ● At QuickConnect, we urge you to place your content in the hands of the right buyer at the right time.
  • ● Use content syndication model to syndicate the content effectively across the largest B2B network.
  • ● Target for various category of leads from MQL to SQL using machine learning.
  • ● Add questions to content syndication to further nurture your prospect to TOFU leads.
  • ● Drive higher ROI to the customer.
  • ● It furthermore helps you with SEO to attract more traffic to your website.
  • ● It allows you to measure intent-based engaged audiences and capitalize on them.

Benifits Of Content Syndication