About Us

Our Company

QuickConnect Media is founded in April 2018. Our core team for B2B Marketing are industry experts with 11+ years of experience that work along with industry giants. We currently have 120+ employees who have been helping our clients with a wide range of creative and professional marketing experience. We adhere to GDPR, CAN SPAM, CASL and other marketing laws and regulations.

Our Vision & Mission

QuickConnect Media provides outstanding database that suit every client’s needs, budget, and expectations. We at QuickConnect understand that our clients require quality over quantity. And that's what we strive for. Through the team’s combined proficiencies and expertise, we aim to deliver quality and add value to it. Our goal is to be a team of professionals who are driven by ethics and utilize their skills to generate more ROI for our clients.

QuickConnect Media assists you to launch your Lead Generation Campaigns with our integrated strategies. They are B2B Appointment Setting Services, Content Syndication, Account-Based Marketing and Market Survey.

Our proprietary data is more expansive than those that are available from data co-ops or single-source providers thereby providing a comprehensive base for our advanced analysis. We monitor behaviour by both executive and managerial customer personas, to provide a complete picture of organizational buying dynamics. We do understand that for B2B lead generation, both volume and quality are highly important. Hence, we promise that you spend less time nurturing and following-up on unproductive leads and ensure an overall higher conversion rate.

Who We Are

QuickConnect Media connects the dots between your target audience & marketing technology that allows you to engage customers and generate revenue. We provide varied, inventive and resourceful marketing solutions to our clients globally. QuickConnect Media generates cost effective business leads. QuickConnect Media aims to serve businesses globally to amp up revenue by identifying, profiling, developing and connecting with the right decision makers to reach out to their targeted customer and prospect accounts.

Our dedicated team offer all kinds of tools and B2B customer contact and profiling solutions to help you to identify and connect to the target audience with confidence, accuracy and precision. This in turn will help you to generate leads and hike up your business.

QuickConnect Media aims to serve to meet clients’ expectations, time, budget, and business goals. Its collaborative team of experienced, practical, and creative professionals is committed to help each client build a strong reputation and brand identity that effectively influences and impacts their respective markets.

We believe in delivering Quality result

Why QuickConnect Media

At QuickConnect Media we help you to identify B2B decision makers, personalize your offering and close deals faster

  • ● Are your content marketing efforts falling short ?
  • ● Not enough registrations to give expected results?
  • ● Failed email marketing campaigns?
  • ●Non-effective procedures to identify the right decision makers within the target accounts?

Are you facing any of the above challenges? QuickConnect Media is the platform for you. QuickConnect Media allows you to build a global B2B email database with accurate contact information that streamlines your ability to reach to your prospects in a few minutes.

QuickConnect Media’s proprietary database is spread across multiple channels offering services such as Email Marketing, SEO/SEM and Telemarketing. We help you market your product across 28M+ business decision makers globally. QuickConnect Media’s connects your sales team with the potential buyer for your product.

We work and engage with clients based on their requirement and ensure highly-effective and quality service. The company is committed to provide the following services:

Branding & Marketing (B&M)

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost Per Click CPC)

Cost Per Sales (CPS)

Cost Per Lead (CPL)