Privacy Policy

QuickConnect Media is committed to protect your privacy and hence, we have created this Privacy Policy to ensure protection of information you submit.
QuickConnect Media Privacy Policy applies to the data gathered regarding clients, individuals, and website users that register information for affiliated events.
This Privacy Policy collects information through surveys, advertising platforms, cookies, newsletter sign-ups, registration forms, and weblogs. The information gathered is easily accessible using technology such as, mobile, web, tablet, and third-party associations.

QuickConnect Media aims at generating effective leads from the target markets to support its customers in Advertising and Marketing of products.
We also aim to safeguard data collected on our website without revealing your identity. However, at times we may require some more information to serve you even better as an existing or prospective client.

QuickConnect Media’s objective is to protect your privacy by ensuring that none of your personal information is revealed to any third party without your knowledge and consent. We neither sell nor distribute any information unless you have been intimated or have expressed interest to provide products or services.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change and maybe revised from time to time. At regular intervals, we may update changes in our practices to be in tandem with the changes in law or with the processing of your information. We urge you to kindly read our Privacy Policy to review any changes we make.

Please note that there may be situations that may not permit us to comply with your request. In such cases we are liable for an explanation citing our inability to comply with the request.

It is our belief that by visiting QuickConnect Media Website, you have consented to be bound to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, you are requested that if you do not wish to agree, kindly abstain from using or accessing our Website.

Accessing our QuickConnect Media’s Website indicates that you have consented to our use and disclosure of your personal information and other data as per this Policy. This Privacy Policy is created subject to the terms stated in the End User Agreement and Terms of Use.

Personally Identifiable Information and Other Information

Personal information is related to relevant information about any individual which is required to be disclosed in the following situations:

  • ✦For protecting the permissible lawful rights, security and privacy of the employees’ agents or contractors
  • ✦For acknowledging lawful requirements necessary for governing bodies or public authorities in countries we conduct business. This includes national security and law enforcement policies
  • ✦For obtaining possible countermeasures to help us to prevent the damages that we may face
  • ✦In compliance with the law of the land

QuickConnect Media collects, receives and stores your personal information which is provided by you from time to time each attempt you make to visit our website.

Once this information is with us you no longer are alien to us. In addition to this, your personal information and other information is also gathered when you take part in a marketing campaign, survey or product reviews, ideas or comments, or the like that are offered/provided in the Website. Furthermore, wherever required, we provide fields that are mandatory and those fields that are optional. It is up to your discretion to what information you wish to provide. This you can do by choosing not to use a particular part or feature on the Website.

The information we collect is used to process the following types of data. They are: Customer data and Other data.

  • Customer Data :

    This data includes the following information:
    • ✦Personal data: This includes your name, your father’s name, current organization, mobile number, emails address, designation, username or log in details, and phone number which is provided by our customers so we can send you materials that may be helpful for you.
    • ✦Your personal data is collected by engaging third-parties to gather on behalf of our customers through campaign information provided by the customer.
    • ✦We purchase personal data from third parties to conduct internal research based on our users’ interests, demographics, and behavior
    • ✦We compile and analyze all this information to enable us to monitor users’ activity on the Website.
    • ✦QuickConnect Media also collects personal information through the publishers or business partners using effective methods such as, Telemarketing, web marketing and Email marketing. Then, this information is carefully filtered and converted into actionable marketing targets and furnished to the customers.

  • Other Data:

    This includes the following information:
    • ✦Additional data collected and processed directly by us about our customers, service providers, visitors and other individuals.
    • ✦Data collected when you browse through our applications and websites. For example, IP Address is recorded in log files.
    • ✦Personal information is also collected from you when you use interactive features of the Websites, promotions, requesting customer support, or otherwise interacting with us.
    • ✦We compile and analyze all this information to enable us to monitor users’ activity on the Website.
    • ✦QuickConnect Media also collects personal information through the publishers or business partners using effective methods such as, Telemarketing, web marketing and Email marketing. Then, this information is carefully filtered and converted into actionable marketing targets and furnished to the customers.

How we Use your Personal Information and Other Information

QuickConnect Media uses the information obtained and licensed through surveys for the following business purposes:

  • ✦To improve the quality of promotional content to visitor interests and tailor website
  • ✦Authenticate profile information conducted through surveys.
  • ✦Comply with the privacy practices and security guidelines of the corporations.
  • ✦Follow anti-Spam legal regulations and enforce the Terms.
  • ✦Ask for erasure of your personal information whenever required.
  • ✦Deliver targeted advertising
  • ✦Inform other partners of your business-related interests
  • ✦Disable the acceptance of cookies in your browsers administrative tools
  • ✦Resolve disputes
  • ✦Monitor unlawful or illegal activities

How We Protect Your Personal Information:

QuickConnect Media may occasionally partner with other third-party companies or may disclose personal information within the Company group or law enforcement offices for authentic business purposes. These include operating services in compliance with the applicable law. User information is shared with regulatory authorities for reporting any breach of regulation or law.

QuickConnect Media may also share user information to professional advisors that include lawyers, accountants, or auditors) that complies with the binding contractual obligations to maintain confidentiality.

QuickConnect Media often partners with other entities in web-based promotions. However, this does not make us liable for any personal information submitted to external vendors or to any website linked to this site.

We assure to follow all anti-Spam legal regulations when communicating or emailing any information out from QuickConnect Media.

QuickConnect Media ensures to safeguard and maintain the security of our website, infrastructure, and facilities. We assure to respond immediately to any advertisement, posting or harmful content that violates the rights of a third-party. We reserve the right to protect property or personal safety of our users or the general public at large.

Data Accuracy and Protection

QuickConnect Media takes all necessary measures to process correct/accurate and updated user information. You are requested to intimate QuickConnect Media for any inappropriate information enabling us to rectify or delete the same.

Data Minimization

QuickConnect Media undertakes to provide safety measures ensuring that every user information processed is pertaining to the User Information that is in accordance with the purposes aimed in our Privacy Policy to provide you services or access to the Services.

Data Retention

QuickConnect Media retains the user information till the time our customers need our services. We guarantee you that your personal information is retained in compliance with the legal obligations of this policy to settle any dispute, and implement our agreements.

QuickConnect Media assures you that we will maintain copies of your User Information that allows identification as per the duration as mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, if the need arises for a specific legal requirement and that demands us to keep the information, then in that case, we intend to hold until it fulfills a legitimate business need.